After 7 years of collaboration, Ganau-Robert are opening a new chapter in their work together. Their
first album “Prima Scena” was made up of original compositions and came out in 2018. The duo now
brings a new universe full of  bright wonders with “Callada: Around Mompou” in 2022. Both are
released on Hypnote Records.
For this new album, Belgian soprano saxophonist Mathieu Robert and Sardinian pianist Mario Ganau
explore the musical world of the Catalan composer Federico Mompou’s (1893-1987) last masterpiece :
« Musica Callada » . Originally composed for piano solo, the two musicians reinvented a selection of
his compositions into a new unity.

Mompou’s music echoes the intention of the duo to bring strong and personal melodies, full and
precise harmonies, with the diverse timbres within the instruments and the music itself. Yet still
creating landscapes that are introspective and melancholic. 
The filmographic aspect of the compositions create a perfect playing field for the musicians to extend
their instruments with the use of electronics, singing bowls and field recordings. They reflect upon the composer's interest for the sounds of ordinary life, a meditative ear to the world around us. 
This collective journey raised their sense of cohesion and maturity. Making more space for true
interaction, leaving space for each other and the music to flow naturally.


Mathieu Robert – soprano saxophone, singing bowls 
Mario Ganau – piano, electronics, field recordings



1. I
2. Intermezzo 5
3. XV
4. III
5. XX
6. V
7. Intermezzo 6
8. XVI
9. Intermezzo 10
10. XIX
12. XXII
13. Intermezzo 9
14. IV
15. XXIV

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano Amerio au Artesuono recording studios (Italy) in October 2021.

Release date : February 18, 2022
Label : Hypnote Records
Catalog N° : HR022
Distribution : Alliance Entertainment (International)/ Inouïe Distribution (France)/ Lawson Entertainment (Japon)

Produced by Mathieu Robert, Mario Ganau and Hypnote Records with the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.